These are a selection of images from more recent series of work.  Please contact me for a studio visit or to view more images in a select medium or series.

Aging Passions

This work grew out of the World Wide pandemic of 2020-21. While watching the Netflix Series The Bridgeton’s I distinctly remember a conversation the Mother has with the eldest son.  She spoke of embroidering tulips because they symbolize passion.  This image stuck.  I had never been very fond of tulips.  I found them sterile and almost prude in their stature.  Seeing as they possessed no fragrance I could recall, I found this concept baffling.  
Then I thought of Mapplethorpe and his interpretation of the flower.

Gilded Platinum Palladium Prints, 2021

What the Water Took From Us

In the summer of 2015, images of families fleeing covered the media and news outlets.  Broadcasts focused on people hoping for a chance at a new life, risking everything to flee their war-torn country.  Some will survive the journey, others will not.

Watching this odyssey of refugees unfold, safely sitting at home, warm and well fed, I could not help but feel paralyzed by grief. I was holding my first, newly born child and preparing for her baptism. 

The over filled crafts that did not make the journey across the sea began washing ashore.  The form of a child curled up on the sand, his body lifeless. His mother and brother also lost in the voyage.  Beside them lay photographs, books, clothing and memories of a life left behind.


The immersion of my child by water, symbolizing purification and regeneration – was the same element that was washing over and taking the last breaths from these bodies.

In this series, the cyanotype process captures the skeletal remains of once loved items of clothing.  Their owners memories woven into the seems, and burnt in time into the paper. The blue of the chemical lends itself to the water that both gives life, and takes life.

Cyanotype Photograms, 2016

Domestic Boundaries

This series grew out of my own struggles as a female artist. Contemplating motherhood, and the idea of giving ones freedom and my internal clock was the core of this body of work. 

Photographed in old Jonesbourgh, Tennessee at a family home predating the Civil War I created a large 8×10 Tintype originals.

A Tintype is a uniquely American process that gained popularity in the 1860s and 1870s in part because they were the “instant” photo of the day. These images are highly detailed images and archival after being varnished.

Large format Tintypes

Salt and other Alternative Experiments

These are more EP versions rather than a solid series or exploration body of work.  

Salt Prints from collodion negatives, Albumen Prints, Van Dykes and others


Commercial Work

Digital Prints

Installation Work

Site Specific and Video Work

Various Media 2002-2021